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Noah’s Ark


A Poetic Reframing for the Digital Age

by Nathan Jones and Sam Meech

Book Information

68 pages
12 x 12 x 0.6 cm

ISBN: 978-0956316691


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Noah’s Ark is a poetic reframing of the biblical tale as a personal narrative, drawing out its emotive parallels across timeless love, nostalgia, death, and the digital age.

Using archival film stills and heavily manipulated found-text, Sam Meech and Nathan Jones render the confusion and force of their themes within an intimate, immediate and lyrical style.

This book accompanies a film, ‘Noah’s Ark’, developed from an artist residency at the North West Film Archive, Manchester, UK, supported by Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Oct 2010. It was published with Henningham Family Press as part of the London Word Festival 2011 King James Bible Bash.

About the Authors

Nathan Jones is a poet based in Liverpool, where he was poet in residence at the Bluecoat in 2009-10. He is also the Creative Director of literature-arts collective Mercy.

Sam Meech is a film-maker and digital artist also living and working in Liverpool, where he founded Re-dock, an arts and technology collective working in the public realm.



The light in Vienna’s sun has taken to the wind
while ancient quickening men traipse towards us.

The news they bring is never good,
although the recollections are endless;

I cowered with Morwenna behind these windows
giggling and kissing hidden from these streets.

A memory that forges in me now
a blindness like the blindness of a house.

All robustness is smoke.


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