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November 8th, 2012 | Posted by David in London Word Festival - (0 Comments)

PrintWeek covered the KJBB:

Over the Easter weekend, The Henningham Family Press (HFP) represented the printing world at a North London event to celebrate the printing of the first King James Bible. Among a whole host of attractions on offer at the celebration, including film, music and poetry, HFP spent the week previous with a selection of artists creating a poster print of the seven days of creation. On the night of the event, they then made prints of this creation live on stage with what they termed a “performance print production line” that included the use of gold-effect bronze pigments.

HFP’s David Henningham says: “We put out an open call to printers, writers and artists to submit work. Then they congregated in our workshop to design the print as a booklet and do some initial printing. We then assembled at the live show to do the final screen as a production line with a small silkscreen and some hairdryers. All participants were dressed in a colour of the spectrum and we were accompanied by a Casio keyboard playing Terry Riley’s Curve of the Rainbow.”

What a great night we had. Thank you all for a great turn-out and such a charismatic audience! The spontaneous singing of “for he’s a jolly good Bible” and ‘Happy Birthday’ were definitely a highlight for us. See below the wonderful Bible Cake that provoked it. Also images of the Live Print Production Line accompanied by Kerry Yong on Casio with Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air. Performed by Sam Meech, Kevin Helas, Rosalind Holmes Duffy, Margaux Carpentier, James Wilkes (and Sal), Sarah Jane Barnes, and Phillipe Nash.

Print ‘void’ now for sale here and on bookshelf here

Also the mesmerising poem and film ‘Noah’s Ark’ by Nathan Jones and Sam Meech was truly amazing. One of the most accomplished films I’ve ever seen. At times Nathan seemed to be absorbed into the archive footage on the screen. More news from them very soon, as we launched on the night the book of the piece, published by us at HFP.

Time Out particularly recommends our King James Bible Bash.

Hey fact fans, did you know? In three years we have netted four categories in Time Out! Books and Poetry, Music, Art, Fringe Theatre…
(apologies, I’m eating too much Petit Filous and their calcium facts are effecting my posts.)

Johanna Derry says (here):

spoken word

King James Bible Bash

It’s the 400th anniversary of the King James translation of the Bible, and, it being Easter weekend and all, perhaps this is the best time of the year to get a bit Biblical, and mark the occasion. Taking inspiration from the stories at the start of the book – creation and Noah’s Ark – London Word Festival are presenting an eclectic mix of music, art, literature and film in response to this great, influential, controversial and ancient text. Running right through to the apocalyptic imagery of Revelation at the end, with a detour comparing John 3:16 with Austin 3:16, there’ll be a geodesic domes, a man-powered print production line, a score by Carl Brown of the Wave Machines, and Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time on casio. You’ll not see anything like this at your local church this Sunday.

This is going to be amazing! HFP and the London Word Festival present a 400th Birthday Party for the King James Bible. The whole story of the Bible re-presented in film, music, performance, and live print! Creation, Fall and Resurrection! It’s in Time Out, twice!

On the night:

Nathan Jones (Mercy) and Sam Meech present bewitching poetry and film set to music by Carl Brown (Wave Machines)! They have dug deep in the Northwest film archives to present a contemporary setting of the Noah’s Ark story.

Kerry Yong provides a sudden trumpet call with Casio keyboard versions of Terry Riley’s ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air‘ and Messiean’s ‘Quartet for the End of Time‘ (Cover Me Casio)

The Henningham Family Press will be dipping into our Monday School syllabus, taking a look through geodesic domed spectacles (literally) at the Garden of Eden with Buckminster Fuller. Has Man a Function in Universe? We’ll also be watching his brilliant short film ‘Modeling Universe‘.

This week we have a fine crop of artists and writers busying themselves in our workshop making a stunning poster-print of the seven days of creation. They will finish this live on the night with the Henningham Family Press on a performance print production line! Special price on the night, and if there are any left over I’ll be floored.. This thing is printed with gold-effect bronze pigments!

Is that it? Emphatically no! Kerri Meehan & Sophie Von Cundale will be performing The Last Word, a bizarre live magazine show! New material for the night building upon their previous appearances at Frieze and the South London Gallery. And Marcus Orlandi will be performing 3:16, a look at the most quoted Bible verse, John 3:16 and how it got hi-jacked by WWF villian Austin 3:16!

Then of course there is the disco of the sheep and goats and a whole-sideshow, bar, cakes…….

King James Bible Bash
Buy Tickets

£8 advance tickets

7pm, 23rd April 2011

Stoke Newington International Airport
Unit F | 1-15 Leswin Place | London | N16 7NJ

Commissioned by London Word Festival