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The Saison Poetry Library on Level 5 of the Royal Festival Hall is “the most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry from 1912 in Britain.” It is the nation’s poetry collection. So we are thrilled that they have acquired pretty much everything we have made with poetry.

For their recently developed fine print collection you will find ‘Royal Poster, (left aligned)’

In the special book collection you will find:
‘Preparatory Oratory’, a large screenprinted pamphlet; the first part of ‘An Unknown Soldier’
‘Funeral, March’, an A6 pamphlet; the final part of ‘An Unknown Soldier’
‘Void’, a pamphlet made for the London Word Festival and our King James Bible Bash

For reference and loan you will find:
‘An Unknown Soldier’, the paperback edition
‘The Erroneous Disposition of the People’, a collaborative book based on the Table of Contents of Sir Thomas Browne’s Pseudodoxia Epidemica.

Click thumbnail to view image. All pictures taken by Julie Rafalski. Thank you Julie!

Wow, what started out as an experiment for Half-handed Cloud and the HFP became a totally SOLD OUT show! The email was ringing off the hook, there were people outside hoping to get in.. and those who did get in really made it a fantastic night for us by jumping in with both feet and braving a barrage of signs and music.

We began in the vestry, where punters passed through two halves of a covenant heifer to receive the first screenprint of the limited edition poster. A parade followed, through processional spaces to a brightly lit chapel. After this first set we emerged into a dark church where, behold, the poster was glowing in the dark! Lights on, and a picnic was laid out and the second print was done. More lights and the rest of the church was revealed, and our team of uniformed ushers transformed into a full band to play a set of new songs.

Thank you to all who came and made it a great night. And thank you to the band (L2R): Kerry Yong, Ping (hfp), Efe, John Ringhofer (HhC), Gavin Wright, Jon Haines, David (hfp) and Gaby Haines. More pictures and video will follow!

Half-handed Cloud and Henningham Family Press proudly present a live music and screenprint show, with unreleased songs!

Date: Thursday 19th January 2012
Time: 8.00pm (performance starts promptly at 8.30pm)
Venue: St Barnabas Church, Shacklewell Row, Dalston, London, E8 2EA
£5 in advance inc. limited edition poster,  (£6 on door)

This one-off show will take place in St Barnabas Church, a recently reopened hidden gem in Dalston. The band will take the audience through areas usually inaccessible to  the public, playing songs from the extensive H-hC back catalogue and printing a limited edition glow-in-the-dark poster as we go. You will be whisked through the Old and New Testaments with us, singing, printing, eating and drinking, like some sort of Dada Sunday School. The show culminates in a set of previously unreleased songs.

This show is timed perfectly for that moment just after Christmas and New Year when you’ve been back at work for a few days and you’re feeling a bit aimless. No problem! Sitting ready on your mantlepiece will be the tickets you bought in December for the H-hC/HFP live show! Click the button below now and become slump-proofed!

We were all very proud of the show we did together in 2008, when we transformed the basement of the Foundry into a giant 12 foot record player. But for those of you who don’t yet know him, Half-handed Cloud is a prolific songwriter represented by Asthmatic Kitty and Sounds Familyre records. A long-time collaborator with Danielson and Sufjan Stevens, and former Illinoisemaker. He is proficient in resurrecting music formats; not just your limited edition vinyl, but cassettes! analog phones! MDs!

Mulitplied sees the completion of three bodies of work! We are very pleased with their diversity and their standard testifies to the hours of hard work we’ve spent getting our studio in order. Here are some highlights of these for your attention.

Austerity Measure

We knew the Credit Crunch was good, but we had no idea it would grace the pages of the Financial Times, be certified by a firm of accountants, and  accepted by the Royal Academy… It now has a sibling; our Austerity Measure. This silkscreen print on 2mm greyboard was then lasercut. It features our favourite mad economic phrases selected from a post-it note we kept next to Radio 4 over the last few months. Thank you Robert Peston.

Austerity Measure
Henningham Family Press
Edition 50
Screenprint and Lasercut on 2mm greyboard
46 x 35 cm
£180 (£348 framed)

An Unknown Soldier

An Unknown Soldier is the most accomplished work we’ve ever made. But not everyone can afford a three-part poem in a dazzling silkscreen printed birch-ply box (£2,225). For this reason there also exist two large format prints based on call-posters featuring the same bespoke font we made for the project. The block letters are topped with patterns redolent of patterns found in security envelopes, and they are made using old-fashioned paper sizes. Royal Poster (Left Aligned) reads, ‘Thee must hebeas un corpus fur tet corps un see’, roughly translated, ‘you must have a body for this body of men’. Imperial Poster (fully justified) reads ‘Let nuh great unborn pre-empt nuh dead’.

Royal Poster (left aligned)
David Henningham
Edition 30
20 x 25in
£234 (£390 framed)

Monday School

This commission for the Church where I attended Sunday School draws upon stained glass and the tradition of charting the Bible to celebrate the quatercentenary of the King James Bible. It comes as four panels in a debossed deluxe portfolio we made for it.

Monday School Illuminations
Henningham Family Press
Edition 10
four panels of 26 x 19 cm
£450 (£630 framed)

Following our King James Bible Bash show in the London Word Festival earlier this year, we then began a series of wonderful prints, one for each day of the creation story by French artist Margaux Carpentier. She has departed from the relatively recent division of the sacred and profane; in her creation series God extends his own organs to create matter infused with breath, recapturing the visceral message of the Bible text.

Troisieme Jour
Margaux Carpentier
Edition 20
76 x 56 cm
£324 (£492 framed)

Sixieme Jour
Margaux Carpentier
Edition 20
76 x 56 cm
£324 (£492 framed)

There will be a surcharge for delivery of framed works outside the UK.

Prices include delivery (UK and rest of world)

Not the first time we’ve been put near a Michael Craig-Martin, but it is the first time we’re pictured in PT.. I think..

We are once again included in Multiplied, Christie’s original editions fair! We have an extraordinary number of new editions by an ever-increasing number of artists and writers to show you at the fair alongside our extensive back-catalogue of prints and books.

Multiplied Contemporary Editions Fair
14th – 17th Oct 2011


Fri 14th 9am-5pm
Sat 15th 11am-6pm
Sun 16th 11am-6pm
Mon 17th 9am-5pm

At the heart of our stand will be a brand new body of work exhibited for the first time, An Unknown Soldier. A poem meditating on the idea of an Unknown Soldier in the age of DNA testing, which has become the source for prints and books of various sizes.

The three parts of the poem are housed in a dazzling printed birch-ply box with an oblique construction (Preparatory Oratory/An Unknown Soldier/Funeral, March). A framed version of the central body of text stands 2m tall on the wall. Nearby the bespoke font, Trench, features on three fine art prints; Trench (Italic), Imperial Poster (Fully Justified), and Royal Poster (Left Aligned), alluding to call-up posters, papers, and martial instruction manuals. A paperback book of the same work is also available.

Credit Crunch makes a re-appearance, but this time has a sibling; our very own Austerity Measure. Don’t worry, we’ll give all purchasers extensive training on how to use it..

More work from the Monday School series appears, including two beautiful new prints by Margaux Carpentier of the 3eme and 6eme days of Creation.

And another highlight will be ODDE, a collection of three 9x5in prints by Julie Rafalski, James Hobbs and Lisa Peachey in an exquisite foil debossed portfolio. Screenprints, cyanotypes and foil debossing.

All this and much more made from scratch in our studio! We hope to see you at the fair. However, if you cannot make it in person, purchases will be possible from the stand through our fully illustrated blog here to be posted after the fair or collected at the stand during the four days we are there.

See you there!

Two of our publications have been selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition! Our third entry was also shortlisted! We are delighted to be taking part; we love the fact it has been running for hundreds of years, and the fact that we’ll be exhibiting alongside grannies and the YBAs simultaneously. In the show you will see,

The nth Convention (Julie Rafalski, Tahu Deans, David Henningham)

Credit Crunch (Eddie Farrell and Henningham Family Press)

and shortlisted, but not quite making it to the wall,

Monday School Illuminations (David Henningham)

PrintWeek covered the KJBB:

Over the Easter weekend, The Henningham Family Press (HFP) represented the printing world at a North London event to celebrate the printing of the first King James Bible. Among a whole host of attractions on offer at the celebration, including film, music and poetry, HFP spent the week previous with a selection of artists creating a poster print of the seven days of creation. On the night of the event, they then made prints of this creation live on stage with what they termed a “performance print production line” that included the use of gold-effect bronze pigments.

HFP’s David Henningham says: “We put out an open call to printers, writers and artists to submit work. Then they congregated in our workshop to design the print as a booklet and do some initial printing. We then assembled at the live show to do the final screen as a production line with a small silkscreen and some hairdryers. All participants were dressed in a colour of the spectrum and we were accompanied by a Casio keyboard playing Terry Riley’s Curve of the Rainbow.”