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Announcing The Blackbird blog tour 2020!

Presented here as a handy cut-out-and-keep bookmark!|

We are grateful to the above book bloggers who have given their time to read and review The Blackbird by Claire Allen. Follow their blogs, look for book giveaways and exclusive interviews and guests; Dr Sophie Oliver, Lecturer in English Literature at University of Liverpool; and Sarah Crewe, Liverpool poet and author of Floss (Aquifer).

Mr. Beethoven arrives today.

It takes irreverence to pay tribute to an iconoclast. Paul Griffiths’ invention, wit and skill have created the Beethoven 250 tribute. We could not be more proud of this book.

Travel to the United States in their infancy. Watch Boston society boil with anticipation as it produces Beethoven’s biblical oratorio. Feel the potential energy Griffiths weaves around this performance both the composer and the world would never hear.

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The launches of Mr. Beethoven by Paul Griffiths and The Blackbird by Claire Allen are postponed until Autumn 2020. Register your interest at david[at]

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You can still use our online shop as normal. Orders are sent direct from NBN International, who are observing strict measures to keep staff and customers safe.

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New Books

Our publishing schedule for 2020 remains unchanged.

Sophie Herxheimer’s artists’ book version of 60 Lovers To Make And Do has found a lot of admirers.

There’s no point making a buy now button for this book. If you want to secure one of the final copies, find us today at Free Verse Poetry Book Fair (Conway Hall) or email


We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Nibbies Small Press of the Year for the second year in a row!

The British Book Awards recognise innovation and achievement in publishing. The shortlisting recognises our Split Editions of 60 Lovers To Make And Do, by Sophie Herxheimer, and Mud by Chris McCabe.

It also takes into account our two Grants for the Arts Awards from Arts Council England, and new partnership with Unbound to pre-sell Mr. Beethoven by Paul Griffiths.

Mud by Chris McCabe

The peerless online publishing platform, Unbound, has invited us to hold our pre-sale for Mr. Beethoven, by Paul Griffiths, with them.

We’ll be pulling back the curtain on our studio with the most powerful publishing algorithms on the planet.

You can read an extract and buy all editions here:

Paperback – £13 (FREE UK p&p)
Limited Edition hardback – £50 (£5 UK p&p)

Mr. Beethoven 

Internationally respected music historian Paul Griffiths (Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, OBE) and music critic (The New Yorker, The New York Times) imagine a visit by Beethoven to the United States to write a Biblical oratorio.

Griffiths weaves in the historiography of his search for what Beethoven could have done, becoming an account of the fragility of historical sources.

The Composer comes to rely on two women, the widow Mrs. Hill and Thankful; whose Martha’s Vineyard sign-language conducts conversations with the Composer.

The composer brings his time, his temperament and his sense of democracy to us. But he can’t possibly fit in. The challenge of Beethoven 250 will be to retain a Beethoven who is among us but refuses to fit in. He must be a Beethoven who retains the ability to help us leave the normal world, not the Beethoven who assures that this is the way the world must be. – Mark Swed, LA Times

60 Lovers Deluxe Covers

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We made bespoke book cloth for 15 deluxe copies of Sophie Herxheimer’s 60 Lovers To Make And Do. The gold silk, which Sophie screenprinted, is the same material used to make her dress for the launch at the Cinema Museum!

photo : Harpreet Kalsi (
Armoured division
Window Man
Dairylea Sandwichmen
New Trousers
Lovely Pear
Matching Bag
Apples and Pears
Lovely Couple

Harpreet Kalsi captures our Cinema Museum launch in glorious color!

Harp (thatthingyoupluck.comgeddit?) flicked through Herxheimer’s brand new artists’ book, 24 pages per second, coming away with the idea to collage the night’s patrons of the arts with the curious artefacts of the silver screen that surrounded us. So look closely.

Herxheimer herself becomes tacked onto the cinema screen as she reads, like an escaped movie star, resplendent in a dress she screenprinted with collages for the occasion.

The audience used the index to call out page numbers for poems they wanted to hear and laugh along with. Like Hannah Höch, Herxheimer used cut and paste to throw beauty in the face of our ugly times. Fascism is ugly. Division is ugly. At the Cinema Museum we had love!

Delve into the book here, and please respect our neighbours on your way out.

Are you a book blogger?

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We have great books ready to send to book reviewers.

Groundbreaking Henningham Family Press
– Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Publishing is changing.

Traditional Newspaper reviewers require an advance proof copy months ahead of publication. This allows them to write reviews timed to appear at the same time as a book’s publication date. That’s fine. But with independent publishers breaking new ground and experimenting with the publishing process itself, is this still the best way?

Publishing off-plan.

At Henningham Family Press, the making of a book is an artistic process. We build a book from the inside out, helping the writer to  push their story in new directions and forms, such as prints, drawings and sculptures. The book’s final appearance, often with hand finishing executed in our bindery, is important to us and our readers. But it doesn’t exist until shortly before publication.

Publishing in public.

Our creative odysseys are shared with readers and bloggers online as they unfold. Subscription models like Kickstarter enable readers to take part in the development of a book, while that advance proof copy sits in a jiffy bag increasingly out of date. We prefer building a readership around a book.

Reviewing is changing.

Book Blogging seems a much more natural fit for these fresh approaches to publishing. Cheerleaders instead of gatekeepers, Book Bloggers bring passion and experience to their reading-in-public. Like small publishers, Bloggers are doing a lot of unpaid work because of a love of literature.

The longest stretch of a book’s life is on the backlist.

There’s no market limit on the number of Bloggers. You’re not tied to the intensive publication cycle. Whenever a review appears, it is much appreciated. Before, after, even years after publication, because one of the best things about books is that they wait for us to find them.

How to obtain our books for review.

Have a look at our list and see if we’re likely to publish books that will excite you.

If you want to review a book on our list, just send us an e-mail or DM on Twitter and we’ll let you know if there are copies available.

If you’d like to review regularly, please let us know in an e-mail or DM and we’ll have a stroll through your work. We’ll be sure to send you only the books we think will interest you.