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Humans must navigate a different life cycle. A society where people can remain at the larval stage or submit themselves to a precarious transformation and become adult.

When Megan becomes curious about adulthood, her friendship with Sal becomes strained. Inspector Augustine, charged with monitoring the wanton destruction of eggs, decides to mentor Sal and Megan. Yet it is his maturity that will be put to the test.     

J. O. Morgan applies his exquisite crafting of sentences to evoke a beguilingly simple tale of loss. An altopian world in which everything he changes about humanity makes us more recognisable.

Paperback – £13

  • Paperback version of the book with screenprinted cover

Artists’ Book – £65

  • Handmade Artists’ Book version bound by author J. O. Morgan with David & Ping Henningham
  • Paperback proof version of the book
  • Signed

Launches 30th July 2021
Handmade version made Autumn/Winter 2021

We are proud to announce a dazzling forthcoming book.

Artist and poet Sophie Herxheimer re-imagines Emily Dickinson’s self-imposed seclusion as an act of empowerment. In a series of collage poems, Sophie’s words and images re-present a paradoxical poet, fixed in space, yet ranging freely in imagination and innovation.

This is a homage to the human spirit, which can shine light into the world and in its complexity accompany the simple power of the Sun. Sophie’s collages are preceded by a selection of Emily’s poems. This unique binding interweaves two pamphlets, and talents, into one volume of dazzling poetry.

Your Candle Accompanies The Sun,
My Homage to Emily Dickinson
by Sophie Herxheimer

40pp full colour
HP Indigo
hand-stitched with a unique duo-pamphlet binding
11″ x  8″
ISBN 978-1-9997974-0-9

Pre-order notice £20 (+p&p)


The Maximum Wage Magazine is now available to buy!


A 72-page A4 full-colour glossy magazine splashed on every page with photos from the live show and packed with brand new art and articles on earning a living.

Only £3.50 & FREE delivery within the UK.

Where Are You?

Performance combining hectic game-show silliness, satirical bite and economic critique – David Collard, The Times Literary Supplement

East London has become a prime example of the divide between the UK’s richest and poorest. It’s also where a group of artists are teaching people about income inequality. – Helen Amass, The Times Educational Supplement


Gainful Unemployment

“The times I’ve felt most employed, society has deemed me unemployed.” Eddie Farrell

An Insider’s View of The City

Investment Manager turned activist Clive Menzies explains how the rich transfer wealth from all of us to the top 10%

The NHS: A Private Investigation

Artist Marion Macalpine reveals a new and unreported threat to hospital estates.

The Metabolic Economy

David and Ping collage texts* and imagine a resurrected R Buckminster Fuller crashing an East End Artists’ studio. “Energy Is True Wealth! Survival for all, not just the fittest, is now a fact!”

AND Julie Rafalski shares out the commonwealth pie. Ladies Of The Press subvert lifestyle magazines to sell you back to your Self. Sophie Herxheimer collects life stories. Janice Macaulay‘s treasure trove of thrifty tips. Julie-Rose Bower dismisses the CV. Four pull-out posters Smash Hits stylee. Orwell vs Osborne on a living wage, Salary Amnesty and more!

Where Are You?

Inside the venue, it’s hectic, a little ramshackle, with a DIY, handmade aesthetic. It’s as far as you can get from the white cube art gallery experience. Although the art world may be driven by money, you feel a little uncouth if you actually ask how much something is. Here the mechanics of making and spending money are in the foreground and in your face. You’re being asked to think about wealth and value, and how these are not objective facts but constructed ideas. – Anne Black & Katherine Dike, galleryELL

*Utopia or Oblivion, 2008, Lars Muller Publishers
Critical Path, 1981, St Martins Press
The World of Buckminster Fuller (DVD), Robert Snyder, 2010, Microcinema International
R. Buckminster Fuller, Everything I Know

The Times Educational Supplement, Britain’s leading education periodical, has published a feature on ‘Letters Home: The First World War Poetry Kit’, a book we published in collaboration with The Poetry Library;

The aim was to create a resource using inspirations that the children might not have got to hear about until university – and that’s if they got lucky.
Chris McCabe in The Times Educational Supplement

TES Resources FREE Download: Letters Home

Letters Home Poetry Kit

Letters Home Poetry Kit

There are three ways for you to get hold of this book:

1: Book a Letters Home Session at The Poetry Library

Everyone who does the Letters Home session with the Poetry Librarians at the Southbank Centre takes their copy of the book away with them.
For more info look at their VISITS page.
Contact: info [at] and request to book LETTERS HOME.

2: FREE Digital Download

This PDF version if adapted for smartphones and tablet computers. It is free to download and share.
Please note that the Surrealists game and the DNA kit could not be included.
Download: Letters Home Tablet PDF

3: Print On Demand

You can order a batch of the printed books including the Surrealist postal game, die-cut DNA 3D concrete poetry kit, and holographic foil on cover.
Pack of 35: £85 (zero VAT)
Pack of 70: £158 (zero VAT)
Contact: david [at]
Please allow at least 7 days for delivery

Delivery not included

Die-Cut 3D DNA Concrete Poetry Kit

Die-Cut 3D DNA Concrete Poetry Kit

Letters Home aims to give an introductory guide to these movements as well as providing prompts for writing exercises, including the writing of visual, Imagist and sound poems, the creation of typefaces and collaborative writing through the forming of a sculptural poem. We’ve tried to make the introductions extremely straightforward, so that children can learn through doing it. The instruction for inventing a typeface is simply: ‘This time, draw your own letters from the alphabet that are full of energy’.

One of the nicest things outcomes of Letters Home is that the children want to take the publication away with them. The publication is beautifully designed by the Henninghams with silver debossing on the cover. I don’t think it’s a case that the shiny foiling is the only reason for the children’s attachment to it. By the end of the session they have a sense that the meaning of the words – and their look and feel on the page – are closer than they’d ever imagined.

Chris McCabe in The Times Educational Supplement

Letter Game 1: Calligrammes

Letter Game 1: Calligrammes

Letters Home
The First World War Poetry Kit

Letters Home Poetry Kit

Letters Home Poetry Kit

Henningham Family Press and The Saison Poetry Library
14pp, ISBN: 9780956316615

The exhibition of An Unknown Soldier at the Royal Festival Hall that ran from November to January has now come down, but it will have a legacy in the Poetry Library for a few years yet.

We have collaborated on a book of exercises in writing Modernist poetry with Librarians Chris McCabe, Lorraine Mariner and Pascal O’Loughlin. This all ages resource (6+) introduces some of the movements in poetry that the First World War helped introduce to the world, such as Apollinaire’s Calligrammes, Imagism, Vorticism, Surrealism and Dada. It will primarily be used to guide school groups or individuals visiting the Saison Poetry Library off the more familiar paths through war poetry, but hopefully it will have legs far beyond the Royal Festival Hall.

Most of the letter games reference the enormous amount of correspondence between Home and Front; 2 billion letters and 114 million parcels. In keeping with our exhibition, inspired by the recent use of DNA on letters home to identify casualties, the book culminates in a game we devised that takes the rules DNA uses to build our bodies to build a strand of visual poetry that can be split and rewritten by a group. The negotiation and collaboration involved is intended as a contrast to the abuse of language and power that war entails. Just like a human body is built through the writing and reading of base-pairs, solidarity in a body of people is achieve through the honest use of arts and language. The pieces punch out of a die-cut sheet and are assembled as part of the collaborative writing process.

If you are interested in using this resource at the Poetry Library you can just pop in and ask for it, they are free and the Librarians can help. Bigger groups can arrange a visit with Chris McCabe via the form on the Library website. If you are interested in acquiring a batch of these for educational use offsite you can also contact us here directly, or Chris McCabe at the Library.

The Letter Games use simple steps, chance and basic word pairings that enable people of all abilities to do the book solo or as part of a group. So next time it is cold and rainy, remember you have been invited to take your children, spouse or literary best friend up to the Poetry Library and ask them for a Letters Home booklet:

Poetry Library
Level 5
Royal Festival Hall
London SE1 8XX

photographs: Harpreet Kalsi

Letter Game 1: Calligrammes

Letter Game 1: Calligrammes

Letter Game 6: 3D dna poetry

Letter Game 6: 3D DNA poetry


Dazzle Foiling


We are delighted to introduce you to our latest publication, Noah’s Ark by Nathan Jones and Sam Meech.

The ancient story of Noah’s flood cropped up repeatedly as Sam explored the North West Film Archive during his residency there. Sam found himself in the same difficult position as Noah choosing between the animals that went into his ark, selecting the frames for his archive. Nathan Jones added forthright and lyrical poetry that told the emerging story of lost love, leadership, flight and fading hopes. Carl Brown (Wave Machines) composed the music for the film. Anyone who saw the performance at the recent King James Bible Bash or previously at Abandon Normal Devices can tell you that it is staggeringly well realised. Accomplished and profound. So we are fortunate indeed to bring you the book of the film.

We printed the book digitally with our partners at Calverts, then bound them as paperbacks with a silver foil blocking of one of the stills, on Gmund Alezan boa; paper made from recycled leather. See more on the shelf

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Noah’s Ark
Nathan Jones and Sam Meech
Paperback (not the DVD)
68 pages
black and white digital
120mm square
£16.50 RRP

ISBN 978-0956316691

Introducing the Monday School Chart

January 25th, 2011 | Posted by David in Books | Monday School - (0 Comments)

The second of our three new Bible-themed publications is the Monday School Chart. A copy of the chart comes free inside the hardback book, but we wanted to make them available individually. They can be used in personal study, by reading groups, or as a visual celebration of the 400th year of the King James Bible.

The first few pages of the chart open like a normal book, with icons that move from Creation, to Fall, to Noah’s Flood, then a face off between Abraham and Moses and finally the kingdom of Ancient Israel up until Solomon’s disastrous reign.

The chart now flips open to show the split between North and South Israel

but the return of the Exiles is a prism through which the New Testament now unfolds, the chart now opening again to reveal the tree of life.

Jesus’ Ministry is followed by the Apostles, then Judgement Day. The world turns on its side for a resurrection in Abney Park Cemetry, and finally the world is turned on its head in the New Creation (here represented as a counter-culture community equipped with geodesic domes).

You’ll notice that the chart gradually accrues more coloured lines. This was an irresistable printer’s trick. They are the Cyan Magenta Yellow and Keyline (black) colours used in printing to make full-colour images. In our chart each one represents a theme of the Bible: creation (Y), fall (K), grace (M) and Law (C). When the New Testament is reached inside a tree of life, or vine, is formed with full-colour images. A coming together of all the Biblical themes into fruition. This book is available from our distributor here, and all the other usual channels.

Book Information:
Pamphlet in polythene pocket
ISBN 978 0 9563166 2 2
BIC codes: HRCG3 (Biblical Exegesis)
10 pages
190mm x 141mm
January 2011

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Henningham Family Press
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It is 400 years since the publication of the King James Bible, and therefore an appropriate time to launch three publications on the Bible.

Most coverage seems to be about the history surrounding Bible translation, but the task we set ourselves was to explore the content of the Bible and its influence. The whole Bible. The three projects that resulted all aspire to explain the narrative of the Bible in the context of secular ideas, primarily for people with a non-religious desire to understand what it contains; reading the Bible is not a statement of belief. These publications will also be of use to the Churchgoer.

These Monday School titles are available:
A) from our workshop (399 Mentmore Terrace, London Fields, E8 3PH)
B) online from us here or our distributor here
C) through your local benign bookshop and latte emporium
D) via cut-throat cut-price online book-pimps

To introduce you to these new publications we are going to devote a blog entry to each one. First up we have Monday School which is a hardback book.

It includes a full- colour fold-out chart, seven essays on seven turning points in the Biblical narrative, and a syllabus to help readers use it as a book club or for their own study. The essays are:

Bring a Pen and a Spade: the Creation Story
(a look at Ronald Number’s history of Creationism)
The Fall of Humanity and their Purpose
(inc. Kafka’s Trial and Steinbeck’s East of Eden)
What ‘Chosen Peoples’ Choose to Ignore
(a correspondence on political violence with a vicar)
Does a Ladder to No-where Permit Downward Traffic?
(Ancient Israel’s covenants compared to Neitzsche’s will-to-power)
A Perfect Law Risks Becoming Pointless
(An argument between the author and Slavoj Zizek on the Law of Moses whilst barricaded in a bookshop for the duration of a riot)
The Revolution With a Single Death: Messianic time, the oppressed and their inheritance – the Earth
(Fragments on Benjamin, Agamben, the Crucifixion..)
Dig For Victory: the Resurrection way of life
(what Orwell didn’t get about the idea of life after death..)

We are thrilled with how this hardback turned out, from its writing to making it in the workshop. Anyone who wants to be able to navigate the Bible and spot its influences on our history and culture will find it useful.

Book Information:
ISBN 978 0 9563166 3 9
BIC codes: HP (Philosophy)
DNF (Literary Essays)
HRCG3 (Biblical Exegesis)
100 pages
210mm x 158mm
January 2011

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