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The second Dalston Brain Trust event is imminent. This time you can come and see the Ladies of the Press leading us through their thoughts on Bizarreness. The Ladies, Ana Cavic and Renee O’Drobinak, compose print and publish bespoke zines at events with audience participation. And over a longer time period they publish ‘Cluster’, a magazine where each page is an exhibition venue. We love what they do and how they do it.

First up, we’ll be interviewing them via ping-pong (queston written on the ball will be discussed until out of play). Beyond that, anything could happen.

11th Oct
Towards a Theatre of the Bizarre
What if John Cage had watched Serbian music television?
Ladies of the Press (Ana Cavic and RenĂ©e O’Drobinak)

doors 7pm for 7.30 start
bring your own bottle

St. Barnabas Church
Shacklewell Row
London E8 2EA

Commissioned by St. Barnabas Dalston

Dalston Brain Trust: 27th Sept 2010

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On the 27th Sept I’ll be delivering the inaugural lecture of the Dalston Brain Trust, a lecture series hosted by the newly reopened St Barnabas Church, Dalston. It is entitled

A Method for Approaching Bamboo
How the world confronts the artist in the poetry of Basho and WG Sebald

The evening begins with a table-tennis interview (questions written on ping-pong balls are discussed until out of play). Then I’ll give the talk, and finally there is Q&A, with plenty of breaks inbetween. We were also invited to invite the other speakers in the series, so I’ll add them as they come along bi-weekly.

doors 7pm for 7.30 start
bring your own bottle
free entry

St. Barnabas Church
Shacklewell Row
London E8 2EA

Apple Cart Festival cancelled

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For those who hadn’t quite realised, the apple cart festival was cancelled due to problems they were having in the run-up. You should have recieved news of this from them if you bought tickets by now.

We’re not scheduled to be in the Victoria Park appendix to the Apple Cart either; more Chip Shop dates to come later in the year though!

The London Word Festival team have put up loads of wonderful pictures from that seminal evening of entertainment, Keep Printing and Carry On at STK. Darren Hayman, Jo Neary, and Murray Macaulay all in collaboration with the Henningham Family Press. And if that wasn’t enough, Universettee with guest mini-lecturers Sophie Mackay and David Barnes…



Chip Shop on stage before broadcast


Making preparations with Ian McMillan and the producer


Simon Armitage choosing his Chip Shop word; ‘homunculus’

Work in Progress CANCELLATION

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We are having to pull out of the book fair advertised for today, Ping* is on maternity leave now, and I’m going to have to stay with her today instead.

Sunday 16th May 2010, 12noon FREE

96-98 Pentonville Road, N1

We’ve been invited to host a stall at a book event called Work in Progress, at the Lexington. For people who have asked when they’ll be able to come and browse through a copy of the Neglected Interviews, this is a good time. Many of our other titles will also be there to look at and buy.


NB, this is not an appearance of the Chip Shop

Work in Progress on the facebook

We had a great time last night, broadcasting the Chip Shop as part of a live edition of the Verb from the BBC Radio Theatre. Our dictionary lies in great need of repair after being put through its paces by the wonderful verb audience. Their favourite words are obviously almost part of the family. One lady asked what will happen to all the words that were not chosen.. I assure you madam that we will find good homes for them, we never put a good word down.

You can listen again to the show, or indeed for the first time, here

Ian McMillan suggested the word Kneppel; that rings a bell. Simon Armitage chose ‘Homunculus’, a big word to describe a small man. Richard Hawley chose ‘thigmotaxis’, a barman pointed out to him that this phenomenon applied to both insects and man; only lunatics and coppers sit in the middle of a deserted saloon bar. And our final guest selected the vowel-rich ‘pianola’.

bravothumbcrestthumb1 badinagethumbcodsthumb gubbinsthumbmyopicthumb anosthumb

People who enjoyed the Chip Shop on the Verb may also enjoy:

errthumb The Erroneous Disposition of the People, an anthology of poetry and prose based around the contents pages of Sir Thomas Browne’s Pseudodoxia Epidemica

negthumb The Neglected Interviews, a seminar held on the nuts and bolts of alternative arts practice.

Order Titles

Here’s your chance to suggest words for our menu on the Verb. Either email us directly or add a comment below with up to two of your favourite words, and we will hand-pick the freshest entries to be printed for the show.

Members of the Verb audience and recipients of their newsletter now have until midnight Wednesday 5th May!


(note: if you’ve never commented on our blog before it will not appear immediately, but rest assured we will see it.)

You can also read about Ian McMillan’s previous work with us here

Friday 7th May, 9.15pm on The Verb

Following his performance of the Chip Shop Poem, a poem composed of the words generated by the Chip Shop at the London Word Festival 2010, Ian McMillan enjoyed the Chip Shop so much he asked us to come on his BBC Radio 3 ‘caberet of the word’ show, THE VERB. Chip Shop will be featuring in a special live edition of Radio 3 show. Beaming out from the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House, you’ll be able to hear the Henningham Family Press printing and selling chips to fellow guests; Simon Armitage and Richard Hawley, the 300 live studio audience, and of course, poet, raconteur and national treasure, Ian McMillan. Unfortunately there are no more tickets left for this event, but hopefully you’ll still join us, live on air! 91.3 FM, for those of you whom, like us, are still on the old-fashioned twiddly wireless. And there is one other way you can take part in the show… Suggest a word for our catch of the day! More details to follow.

mcmillan1 chipshop1_web

*The Chip Shop was commissioned by London Word Festival 2010