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Some of you may remember the ballad we printed live with Jon Bilbrough at the London Word Festival 2009 .

This year we have created a new show called ‘Chip Shop’, featuring a fully functioning mobile screenprinting workshop. “Built from chip-board and replicating a full-size chippy, The Chip Shop is a fully functioning temporary screen printing workshop, serving up words printed on wooden board.”

Come and add your favourite word to our catch of the day menu!


A silkscreen print, on chipboard – yours for the price of a bag of chips! Is it really possible? Yes! The Chip Shop will be appearing at least 3 times in March as part of the London Word Festival:

  • March 7th Toynbee Arts Bar & Cafe, a FREE event where we’ll be frying solo.
  • March 20th ‘Keep Printing and Carry On’, Stoke Newington International Airport – an eclectic night of music, mini-lectures, cake, featuring Murray Macaulay doing a Universette reprise on Sister Corita (the screenprinting nun), Darren Hayman, and more from our good friends the Universettee.
  • March 31st, “The Art of Storytelling”, St. Leonard’s Church, we’ll be tying up all the loose words printed throughout the festival into another live print with the help of a very special guest poet.

More details to follow in our March Newsletter, but meanwhile we point you to the festival website and coverage at Amelia’s Magazine.

On Saturday February 27th, from 11am to 4pm, we’ll be at the Finsbury Art Festival. Our little contribution to this positive cornucopia of fun things to do in the Art Zone will be showing off the pamphlet stitch. This simple little stitch, used for centuries by anyone from teeth-grinding political radicals to quaint little crafts-people, only takes seconds to learn yet will hold your bits of paper together in the form of a pamphlet for hundreds of years! And for those of you who like reading as much as fiddling with bits of paper and string, we’ll be binding some of the contributions from our guest bloggers, David Barnes, Eddie Farrell and Julie Rafalski. Plus one of the stories by David Henningham from Erroneous Disposition of the People.  All this and much more, absolutely free! Can it be true?

Come and find out! I gather it will be a very child-friendly, as well as adult-friendly event. What better way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon?

St Luke’s Centre
90 Central Street EC1V 8AJ
020 7549 8181


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David Helbich (second from left) recently gave an email interview here with Eirik from Oslo’s Ultima Festival about our plans and the shared interests that drive the InterInterInter collaboration.

We bought a cheap suitcase to wheel some of our bulkier tools to Oslo in, the cheapest we could find at a mere £23! However, the wheels broke 4 mins after leaving our front door. The number of breakages in this single trip was really quite amazing:

  1. Wheels break immediately and eventually disappear completely on final stretch
  2. Foot breaks off bottom giving it a mournful tilt
  3. zip handle pops off on back pocket
  4. Back pocket goes all saggy
  5. nipple for resting on side comes off leaving exposed screw
  6. expansion zip gets stuck
  7. compass in handle does not point north
  8. Baggage handlers dent metal strut underside, probably with one finger
  9. telescopic handle starts getting stuck



This gave us an idea for a game. Two friends going on holiday buy a really cheap suitcase each and gain points for every major malfunction. Bonus points may be given for flashy and useless accessories like said compass.

You must use lifts and escalators when available. All use must be within reasonable limits i.e. pulling off and up kerbs is acceptable, but not out of first floor windows. Obviously can’t exceed airline baggage limits. Believe me, you won’t have to resort to such measures anyway.

InterInterInter In Oslo Review

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We had a good show in the Ultima festival, many moments like Ishiguro’s ‘the Unconsoled’ happen at these festivals, like walking in circles with some composers looking for a restaurant that happens to be below the festival office when we find one, running into a torch-lit park and into a castle then ascending a turret to where we are seated moments before a performance of Kurt Schwitters poetry…

There are good reviews in Norwegian of the show, at least they seem to be once babelfished. Here is one in english

The premise of the night was to hand groups a blank sheet of A3 paper as a programme and then to print on it throughout the night as the performances accumulated. We finished the evening with a folding ceremony where the audience followed our instructions from the front to fold the sheet down and form the individual pages.


The audience recieved two screenprints on their way in, the performers then downing tools to take to the stage.


In the interval we dressed like cinema ushers to deliver another print, this time with sponges and fluorescent paint. If you can ever find an aged cinema, you get sold your ticket by the guy behind the desk. Next you go get some popcorn and the same guy comes in and puts on an apron. Then  he takes your ticket at the door, you are the only cinema-goer, and then he comes during the intermission with a tray and wearing a hat. That’s the kind of thing that we were thinking of here.


We return to Norway, but this time we’re off to Oslo for the Ultima Festival. We will be doing a live show with InterInterInter at the Literature House. 

Ultima Festival

This time we are going to pack in as many different printing techniques as we can on top of each other. A lot of energy and paint will be expended. You’d better wear one of your dad’s old shirts backwards for this.

We were sent this interview from the London Word Festival that is now on Youtube, conducted and edited by Garry Brown.

Next week we’ll be off to Bergen in Norway with the group InterInterInter for the Borealis Festival.  At the PrInterPrInterPrInter blog, dedicated to this project, you’ll be able to take part in what we’re doing through the comment facilities and see what we’re doing as it happens! You can also see stuff at the InterInterInter blog, and the Borealis Festival website.


We are doing our show where we make a book in a night at the end of the festival. Pages will be printed at the audience tables cabaret style and the activities thereon will relate to the music performances about to take place. The pages are then compiled into a single site specific book with improvised pressing equipment like upturned tables and punters drinking their pints. This will be the third in the series after Bethnal Green and Gent {Belgium}.  

In addition we will be doing events with the audience throughout the festival, including shows in the street and at a horse-racing track. We will be bringing two new inventions to bear on this part of the event. Firstly conversations recorded on A3 manilla cards will be continually added to a bergen-box-blog; a primitive computer made of categorised manilla cards in a cloth-bound box accessed with a knitting needle that penetrates the haystack of notes and doodles through holes at the top of the page. Secondly we’ll be using the ‘Interbet’, an interactive alphabet suitable for A sizes composed of PDFs that need some puzzling and assembling once printed. We’ll be making the Interbet available soon!

Ballad #1 with Jon Bilbrough

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We had a great night last weekend when we performed our first live print music ballad with Jon Bilbrough at Stoke Newington International airport for the London Word Festival. The last few copies are available through our order form, or if you stop us in the street and ask for one {saves on postage}. Most were snapped up from the line while they were still wet. There are a few videos already online if you search for them, but here is our own humble contribution placed on the centre for Eternal Return that is Youtube

We’ve been asked to come up with a show for the London Word Festival so we will be performing with Indie-folk musician Jon Bilbrough at the Stoke Newington International Airport on Saturday 7th March, probably taking to the stage around 8.30pm. There will be music and live printing and a new publication available in and on the night! 

When we came across the factoid that the word ‘ballad’ came from printing terminology, we thought it was an ideal way to work again with some of our Indie musician friends.  Apparently people heard news fastest through low-cost songs distributed on roughly printed sheets; put that in your pipe itunes!
We’ve asked old school chum Jon to write a new song with us that will be performed on the night, which he will be playing from a proliferating line of prints we are hanging and passing in front of him. This sheet music will also be available to take home far a small sum. Isn’t it a little weird to release music in sheet form when you can just bluetooth mp3s? Yes. But it will also be notated in unusual and attractive ways, and mp3s aren’t much to look at.
Our set will be followed by two other acts, Caroline Weeks and Mary Hampton, so remember if you turn up on ‘Indie time’ {i.e. doors 7.30, walk in at 9.30pm} you’re liable to miss it and leave with long faces, as a couple of folks did at the Half-handed Cloud show!  Tickets are required, so go to link below… And time may be short as it was listed as a show to look out for in Time Out!