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Wedgywood is 100

October 2nd, 2008 | Posted by David in Live Shows - (0 Comments)

The following link takes you to a film explaining and showing the ambience of the thing we popped our heads up in last night in Knightsbridge at the Shytstem’s request.

It was rather like being on an early channel 4 programme. And yes, that IS a compliment in my book. We had a great time.

I think the main criticism that might be levelled at the body of work we sampled last night is the lack of direction. Where the hell is it all going? What does it achieve? But I think this would miss a couple of things. On mass these films imply a reaction against a certain demand for purpose and efficiency in life that marginalises a good many people. And what do people really mean when they ask these questions except ‘why doesn’t this make any money’. There’s never been a better time to point out what a dangerous fantasy all that wealth creation is. Secondly Eddie Farrell summed it up perfectly at the end when he said “If you work with people instead of sitting in a room by yourself you learn a lot more”. These films are a humble request for people to spend time with people. Well done guys!

H-hC & HFP audience video

September 24th, 2008 | Posted by David in Live Shows - (2 Comments)

A kind member of the audience had posted a video of what they saw at the event in the Foundry recently. I really like the way they’ve managed to get in the explanation of the whole event AND credits to everybody in the band.

We also have some footage that we will edit and release later.

News from Gent…

September 8th, 2008 | Posted by David in Live Shows - (1 Comments)

We just got back from our performance with Matt, Tomma, Shila and David as Inter Inter Inter at de Bijloke in Gent. We had the most amazing time. First of all we can’t resist praising highly Tomma and Kristoff {sorry if that’s wrong; I never saw your name written down!} and their two great boys for putting us up and feeding us and being such generous hosts. The theme continues with the music centre de Bijloke. The staff were amazing and attentive, we never went hungry and thirsty, and the director of the centre was very generous with his time and interest. The building is amazing, very beautiful, and all the needs of the performers have been met really well. It is also worth noting that the building doesn’t give the impression of any area being off limits. The backstage area is integrated so subtly that it feels like a really non-hierarchical space. Compare that to a rock venue and the subtle-as-a-train-wreck mystique they try and build up around acts and their sudden appearance on-stage, and you really see the maturity of the building.

Gent, which is beautiful, is also striking in its lack of self-conciousness. It does not feel provincial in the way English cities and towns do. I can’t really understand why English, and even Scottish cities, can’t escape the comparison with London at every turn. Gent just assumes that great art can and will happen there. And why not?

The show itself went really well. You can see a clip here of one of the acts.



The performance was continuous, with Ping* and myself printing at the anatomy theatre benches as the audience entered; we printed tasks relating to the music. As there were four acts {two pieces repeated} we printed in four colours cyan magenta yellow and black. These add together when printed on top of each other to make a full-colour image. We took the theme of the antique anatomy theatre we were in to allude to an anatomy lesson. The music, the pictures, the performance, and indeed the whole world is made of bits and pieces joined together.

Following the music we bound the book in the bar as a concertina, eventually about 17m long, and got two volunteers to sit on the book as it dried. A professional bookbinder who happenned to be in the audience joined in the making, which was a delightful and unexpected bonus! Further pictures will be posted once we have recovered our strength!

Henningham Family Press is doing live printing and book binding in Ghent (Belgium, for those of you who, like me, lack geographical know-where) as part of the New Music/Dance/Printing troupe INTER INTER INTER! This is part of the de Bijloke music festival. They wrote an intro to the event but in case your Dutch is a little rusty, I have babelfished it for you below:


Bijlokestival: InterInterInter (1 set 1)

Music, dancing, performance, boekdrukken

InterinterInter bring a surprising mix of dancing, performance, music and boekdrukken in 3 sets. Set 1 and 2 is repeated and set three will continue in the foyer. Nieuwsgierigen can examine in advance the small film of InterInter on youtube. Vorspiel


18u – 18.30
InterInterInter (1)
Music, dancing, performance, boekdrukken
Set 1. ‘ Vorspiel ’
David Helbich

It is continued When is a by Not a by? (set 2) in the auditorium for 19u

Haha. The set 2 is “When is a Door not a Door?” by the way. It’s by the wonderful Matthew Schlomwitz who got us into this whole live printing let’s-make-a-book-in-a-night type gig in the first place with the Rational Rec night we did with them. If you are thinking of coming, or if Ghent is a little far for you to travel, maybe you would enjoy a brief taster/reminder of what was like last time?

Pictures from the Harrison Centre

August 13th, 2008 | Posted by David in Live Shows - (0 Comments)

We just recieved these shots from the show in Indianapolis. Looks like a great space and it’s great that people were given gloves to handle the books.




We’re on show in the USA

August 5th, 2008 | Posted by David in Live Shows - (0 Comments)

The Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis have put some of our work on show during their current month-long exhibition, and it is receiving praise and interest. And we’ve been informed of a strange co-incidence in that John Ringhofer, our latest collaboratee, has also played a show there in the past. The Center sounds very astutely run, and what we’ve heard about Indianapolis paints it as a very interesting place, a proper post-industrial playground. Big flats, big studios, faded grandeur…  

The show has been a huge success, we’re told, with over 600 visitors on Friday and 250 on Sunday, and we’re looking forward to seeing some images of the show.

Thanks to everyone who came along and joined us for our evening at the Foundry. We’d been making this print all week with John Ringhofer of Half-handed Cloud {above}, and it culminated in this music and live-print show {below}, featuring the 12 foot wide vinyl {or LLLP!} spinning stage. Special thanks to John and also to Annette, Ariel, Bruce, Evan, Kerry, Mike and Murray who helped bring it to fruition. The print is now available to buy here for £15. It is silkscreened white, red and silver on textured bordeaux paper, manufactured using wind-power, with three linocuts in the windows at the bottom.

We’ll be on the radio again tomorrow, I’ve pasted in the info from John Ringhofer’s bulletin: 

Hello!Thanks to those that came-out to tonight’s live printmaking/sing-a-long peformance in London on the giant 12-foot turntable. Really fun. We’ll try to post pictures before too long.

For those who couldn’t make it, we’re going to play on London radio on Friday, June 27th on the local, avant-garde(?) radio station. We’ll be on the “Late Late Breakfast” show (at The Foundry) from 12noon-1pm (London Time).

For more information, listen here:

We’ll be streaming live, and you can text-in messages to us. It’s very informal, and the Henningham Family Press and I will just be one of the guests there.

It’s mostly discussion, but I think we’ll be playing one or two of the new songs, also? Feel free to listen in!

You may have often heard us praising the gifts of John Ringhofer, the man behind Half-handed Cloud. Now you can hear him for yourselves! John is coming to do a print with us, and to celebrate that print, we’re putting on an event with him at the Foundry bringing together the pressing of prints that we do, and the pressing of vinyl records; one of John’s preferred formats…


We’ll be bringing back the live printing in a set that will include HhC songs never heard before and a ‘vinyl’ record 12 feet wide {rather than inches}.


Come and join in!

As the evening light grew dim on a drizzly wet London, a man wearing sneakers mounted on speakers thunked heavily up a small stair case and the room full of people fell into silence. Then he pressed play on the tape recorder, and an old man’s voice, fuzzy from the nearly obselete audio equipment, boomed out…

“Good evening and welcome. Tonight the Henningham Family Press will be introducing to you their latest book, entitled ‘The Erroneous Disposition of the People’, and written by David Barnes, David Henningham and Wade Bradshaw…”


At the risk of sounding a bit like an award ceremony, we just wanted to say an especially big thank you to Kerry Yong and Nick Houston who were heroes in helping us move and make sound equipment work, and also Uncle Geof, who read Wade’s stories for us. Also thank you to everyone who came on Monday night to help us launch this book. We hope you had a lovely time. Those of you who didn’t quite make it, don’t despair! We’ve put it up on our website bookshelf already, and we’ll be taking it to our future events. Or you could always pop in and have a look at it – that way you’ll get tea too.