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Two of our publications have been selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition! Our third entry was also shortlisted! We are delighted to be taking part; we love the fact it has been running for hundreds of years, and the fact that we’ll be exhibiting alongside grannies and the YBAs simultaneously. In the show you will see,

The nth Convention (Julie Rafalski, Tahu Deans, David Henningham)

Credit Crunch (Eddie Farrell and Henningham Family Press)

and shortlisted, but not quite making it to the wall,

Monday School Illuminations (David Henningham)

We are delighted to introduce you to our latest publication, Noah’s Ark by Nathan Jones and Sam Meech.

The ancient story of Noah’s flood cropped up repeatedly as Sam explored the North West Film Archive during his residency there. Sam found himself in the same difficult position as Noah choosing between the animals that went into his ark, selecting the frames for his archive. Nathan Jones added forthright and lyrical poetry that told the emerging story of lost love, leadership, flight and fading hopes. Carl Brown (Wave Machines) composed the music for the film. Anyone who saw the performance at the recent King James Bible Bash or previously at Abandon Normal Devices can tell you that it is staggeringly well realised. Accomplished and profound. So we are fortunate indeed to bring you the book of the film.

We printed the book digitally with our partners at Calverts, then bound them as paperbacks with a silver foil blocking of one of the stills, on Gmund Alezan boa; paper made from recycled leather. See more on the shelf

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Noah’s Ark
Nathan Jones and Sam Meech
Paperback (not the DVD)
68 pages
black and white digital
120mm square
£16.50 RRP

ISBN 978-0956316691

What a great night we had. Thank you all for a great turn-out and such a charismatic audience! The spontaneous singing of “for he’s a jolly good Bible” and ‘Happy Birthday’ were definitely a highlight for us. See below the wonderful Bible Cake that provoked it. Also images of the Live Print Production Line accompanied by Kerry Yong on Casio with Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air. Performed by Sam Meech, Kevin Helas, Rosalind Holmes Duffy, Margaux Carpentier, James Wilkes (and Sal), Sarah Jane Barnes, and Phillipe Nash.

Print ‘void’ now for sale here and on bookshelf here

Also the mesmerising poem and film ‘Noah’s Ark’ by Nathan Jones and Sam Meech was truly amazing. One of the most accomplished films I’ve ever seen. At times Nathan seemed to be absorbed into the archive footage on the screen. More news from them very soon, as we launched on the night the book of the piece, published by us at HFP.

This is going to be amazing! HFP and the London Word Festival present a 400th Birthday Party for the King James Bible. The whole story of the Bible re-presented in film, music, performance, and live print! Creation, Fall and Resurrection! It’s in Time Out, twice!

On the night:

Nathan Jones (Mercy) and Sam Meech present bewitching poetry and film set to music by Carl Brown (Wave Machines)! They have dug deep in the Northwest film archives to present a contemporary setting of the Noah’s Ark story.

Kerry Yong provides a sudden trumpet call with Casio keyboard versions of Terry Riley’s ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air‘ and Messiean’s ‘Quartet for the End of Time‘ (Cover Me Casio)

The Henningham Family Press will be dipping into our Monday School syllabus, taking a look through geodesic domed spectacles (literally) at the Garden of Eden with Buckminster Fuller. Has Man a Function in Universe? We’ll also be watching his brilliant short film ‘Modeling Universe‘.

This week we have a fine crop of artists and writers busying themselves in our workshop making a stunning poster-print of the seven days of creation. They will finish this live on the night with the Henningham Family Press on a performance print production line! Special price on the night, and if there are any left over I’ll be floored.. This thing is printed with gold-effect bronze pigments!

Is that it? Emphatically no! Kerri Meehan & Sophie Von Cundale will be performing The Last Word, a bizarre live magazine show! New material for the night building upon their previous appearances at Frieze and the South London Gallery. And Marcus Orlandi will be performing 3:16, a look at the most quoted Bible verse, John 3:16 and how it got hi-jacked by WWF villian Austin 3:16!

Then of course there is the disco of the sheep and goats and a whole-sideshow, bar, cakes…….

King James Bible Bash
Buy Tickets

£8 advance tickets

7pm, 23rd April 2011

Stoke Newington International Airport
Unit F | 1-15 Leswin Place | London | N16 7NJ

Commissioned by London Word Festival

The Henningham Family Press are live printing again with the fabulous London Word Festival!

Our new show for 2011 is the King James Bible Bash, to be held at the sensational Stoke Newington International Airport, the venue that all airports should aspire to be. It will be on April 23rd and tickets are already on sale here (recall the last two years and get in early..)

But that is not the end of the story!

We’re inviting submissions for work to be presented as part of the King James Bible Bash. There are two opportunities available:

1) Proposals are invited for two short performance-based pieces responding to the theme of Creation, Fall and/or Resurrection.

Fresh and unusual reflections, explorations & interpretations of these themes, that look at the Bible narrative in the context of contemporary fiction, pop culture or secular ideas. Proposals are welcome from artists and performers working in any discipline or art-form, but must culminate in a piece or performance no longer than 15 mins in length, that can be presented in the context of a live show (this can include pre-record and film).

An award of £150 is available per commission, which must include any material costs.

Please send a short description of your project/idea along with examples of previous work (including images/video if possible) to


2) Work is invited for inclusion in an original broadside poster designed and screen printed by the Henningham Family Press.

Artists, designers and writers are invited to submit work based on the Creation Story (Genesis chp. 1 v1 – chp. 2 v3), in one of seven categories:

Light & Dark
Sea, Land & Plants
Sun, Moon & Stars
Fish & Birds
Animals of the Land & Humanity

One entry will be selected per category, with those successful invited to make the publication with us at our workshop on Saturday April 9th. They will present their contribution in a live print production line at the King James Bible Bash.

Entry Specifications

Multiple submissions welcome, though publication is limited to one piece per artist. Entries must be complete but do not need to be print ready.

Those successful will work with the Henningham Family Press to compose the final poster, when changes in scale, colour, layout and other variables will be made. Entrants will need to enjoy a collaborative process, and be open-minded about how their print interacts with other works.

Image-based submissions should:
Include up to two printed colours (the overlap can make a third)
Be a maximum size A4 (though this may be scaled up or down during the design process)
Be submitted as PDF (other file types might be requested, so keep layers separate)

Text based submissions should be submitted as .doc or .odt file

Please send submissions to or by post to
Henningham Family Press
399 Mentmore Terrace
London Fields
E8 3PH.



Day at HFP (for selected works): Saturday 9th April
Performance: Saturday 23rd April

A Method for Approaching Bamboo

How the world confronts the artist in the poetry of Basho and WG Sebald

What is nature and how long can it last? What happens when artists try to examine the world they are a part of? What happened when two poets born exactly 400 years apart passed each other on the road? What is a coin-operated buddha-during-enlightenment?

Date: Tuesday 15.3.2011

Venue: Bethnal Green

Time: 7.30 food. 8pm lecture

Speaker: David Henningham

RSVP to book a space. (Address provided on booking)

We have been invited to set out our increasingly battered Chip Shop in the British Library. We will be dipping into the National treasure-trove of language that is the BL, and the even bigger resource buried between the ears of the people of this great literate Nation!

Evolving English Discovery Day


The British Library
St Pancras
96 Euston Road

We have been invited to put on our Chip Shop show at the Black Rat Gallery, Rivington St on 10th Feb as part of their annual editions show opening night. They say:

“In Printmaking Today we will be exhibiting prints we have published from our represented artists alongside key works by other artists in the first decade of the 21st century.  The show will include works by Peter Blake, Banksy, Tracey Emin, D*face, Damien Hirst, Nick Walker, Grayson Perry, Know Hope, Shepard Fairey and Bridget Riley. In addition to this we have been working on a number of new prints to be released on the preview evening. These include special editions by Matt Small, Swoon, Brian Douglas, Gaston Francisco and Candice Tripp.”

Black Rat represent a lot of urban artists, so we agreed it would be most appropriate to make a menu of words that salute those often unacknowledged graffiti footsoldiers, armed only with a sharpie and thirty seconds to scribble obscenities on the walls of the loo or bus shelter. But this is a family show! So only safe-swears are allowed. So Black Rat punters, please bring a quid and queue up for a ‘cripes’, ‘crikey’, ‘deary me’, ‘bumhats’… and share with us what you say in front of your grandparents or nieces.

Black Rat Projects say invites are sent out via email, but I have no idea how you get an invite.