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The third publication of the Monday School project was an unexpected commission for new church buildings in St Peter’s Harold Wood, Monday School Illuminations. This was a new challenge, what with us not being ecclesiastical artists, but they had heard about the Monday School project and we had a starting point; this was the place I went to Sunday School in the 1980s. We returned to the Monday School Chart and took some of those images further to create a set of four silkscreen prints that tile together and work individually. We began with the monastic tradition of illuminating manuscripts, and this theme of illumination and enlightenment is central to the composition.

It is now pride of place in the church atrium, and we also produced an edition of ten in Tex Libris pistachio cloth bound portfolios with white foil blocking and ebony lining paper. They are editioned and signed.

This time, each panel juxtaposes a part of the old and new testaments that are linked thematically. So the Creation and New Creation are on the first panel, then the Fall and Noah’s Flood are the background for Judgement Day (the second coming), next Abraham and Jesus’ incarnation represent that family bloodline, but also the line of Grace, and the Law of Moses and Israel are contrasted with the Law of grace (the Apostles after Jesus’ resurrection). A single white line is emitted from Creation, connects all the panels chronologically, splitting in a prism to create the tree of life and coming full-circle to the New Creation. All the Old Testament bits are in the background, and the New Testament hangs off the tree.

Book Information:
Loose-leaf book of four silkscreen prints
300gsm Somerset Satin White paper
190mm x 270mm
Edition of 10
Numbered and signed

Available to buy from us here

Introducing the Monday School Chart

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The second of our three new Bible-themed publications is the Monday School Chart. A copy of the chart comes free inside the hardback book, but we wanted to make them available individually. They can be used in personal study, by reading groups, or as a visual celebration of the 400th year of the King James Bible.

The first few pages of the chart open like a normal book, with icons that move from Creation, to Fall, to Noah’s Flood, then a face off between Abraham and Moses and finally the kingdom of Ancient Israel up until Solomon’s disastrous reign.

The chart now flips open to show the split between North and South Israel

but the return of the Exiles is a prism through which the New Testament now unfolds, the chart now opening again to reveal the tree of life.

Jesus’ Ministry is followed by the Apostles, then Judgement Day. The world turns on its side for a resurrection in Abney Park Cemetry, and finally the world is turned on its head in the New Creation (here represented as a counter-culture community equipped with geodesic domes).

You’ll notice that the chart gradually accrues more coloured lines. This was an irresistable printer’s trick. They are the Cyan Magenta Yellow and Keyline (black) colours used in printing to make full-colour images. In our chart each one represents a theme of the Bible: creation (Y), fall (K), grace (M) and Law (C). When the New Testament is reached inside a tree of life, or vine, is formed with full-colour images. A coming together of all the Biblical themes into fruition. This book is available from our distributor here, and all the other usual channels.

Book Information:
Pamphlet in polythene pocket
ISBN 978 0 9563166 2 2
BIC codes: HRCG3 (Biblical Exegesis)
10 pages
190mm x 141mm
January 2011

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It is 400 years since the publication of the King James Bible, and therefore an appropriate time to launch three publications on the Bible.

Most coverage seems to be about the history surrounding Bible translation, but the task we set ourselves was to explore the content of the Bible and its influence. The whole Bible. The three projects that resulted all aspire to explain the narrative of the Bible in the context of secular ideas, primarily for people with a non-religious desire to understand what it contains; reading the Bible is not a statement of belief. These publications will also be of use to the Churchgoer.

These Monday School titles are available:
A) from our workshop (399 Mentmore Terrace, London Fields, E8 3PH)
B) online from us here or our distributor here
C) through your local benign bookshop and latte emporium
D) via cut-throat cut-price online book-pimps

To introduce you to these new publications we are going to devote a blog entry to each one. First up we have Monday School which is a hardback book.

It includes a full- colour fold-out chart, seven essays on seven turning points in the Biblical narrative, and a syllabus to help readers use it as a book club or for their own study. The essays are:

Bring a Pen and a Spade: the Creation Story
(a look at Ronald Number’s history of Creationism)
The Fall of Humanity and their Purpose
(inc. Kafka’s Trial and Steinbeck’s East of Eden)
What ‘Chosen Peoples’ Choose to Ignore
(a correspondence on political violence with a vicar)
Does a Ladder to No-where Permit Downward Traffic?
(Ancient Israel’s covenants compared to Neitzsche’s will-to-power)
A Perfect Law Risks Becoming Pointless
(An argument between the author and Slavoj Zizek on the Law of Moses whilst barricaded in a bookshop for the duration of a riot)
The Revolution With a Single Death: Messianic time, the oppressed and their inheritance – the Earth
(Fragments on Benjamin, Agamben, the Crucifixion..)
Dig For Victory: the Resurrection way of life
(what Orwell didn’t get about the idea of life after death..)

We are thrilled with how this hardback turned out, from its writing to making it in the workshop. Anyone who wants to be able to navigate the Bible and spot its influences on our history and culture will find it useful.

Book Information:
ISBN 978 0 9563166 3 9
BIC codes: HP (Philosophy)
DNF (Literary Essays)
HRCG3 (Biblical Exegesis)
100 pages
210mm x 158mm
January 2011

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F: +44(0)845 458 9912

Henningham Family Press
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Handmade and Bound 21st Nov 2010

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We will be holding a table at the Handmade and Bound book and print fair: 12am–6pm, 21 Nov 2010. This fair is the exact opposite end of the spectrum from the Christie’s Fair we did in October, and we love both ends of that spectrum. So we are delighted to take part. This will be a great chance to pick up small press books and prints for yourself, and unique Christmas presents and stocking fillers, provided your feet are similar in shape to a book. We will also have a couple of things for sale that have not been seen before and won’t even be on our website until 2011!

The address is:
St Aloysius Social Club,
20 Phoenix Road,
London NW1 1TA.

The nearest station is Euston and it’s a 5 minute walk from the station. Look for the church on the right hand side (coming from Euston station) and the venue is downstairs from the church.

If you are arriving by tube or train, please check that there are no planned service disruptions, which may affect your journey, as there is often maintenance work on Sundays and there have been several tube strikes recently.

Find it on Facebook: Handmade & Bound

Follow it on Twitter: @handmade_bound

We continue our collection of off-the-beaten-track press coverage with this contribution from the Financial Times on our Christie’s stall, (and readable online here)

“The most modest prices are to be found at the Henningham Family Press, which will bring along a mobile printing workshop and offer…a takeaway work printed on chipboard for less than the price of a bag of chips.”

They also include an image of Eddie Farrell’s ‘Credit Crunch’, ideal for their readership.

Our ambition for the future is to be featured as the photo in the middle of a crossword puzzle in ‘Puzzler’ magazine.

We have been invited to keep a stall at the first ever contemporary print fair at Christie’s Auction House in South Ken.


We shall be running our Chip Shop several times a day (listed below), this time taking your suggestions for a menu of Heroes. This seemed apt what with the West End being peppered with streets named after forgotten colonial governors and ignored statues of generals. So come with your suggestions and take home an ‘Orwell’, ‘Theresa’, or ‘Christ’ printed live on chipboard. And even help with the printing. No longer need your heroes be one of a kind, but a multiple!


Also appearing with us will be Julie Rafalski and our ‘nth Convention (second edition)’, a deluxe screenprinted book. There will be a wide selection of our books and prints for you to buy.

Opening Times:
Friday 15 October 9am – 5pm
Saturday 16 October 11am – 5pm
Sunday 17 October 11am – 5pm
Monday 18 October 9am – 7:30pm

Live Printing Times:
15th: 1pm, 4pm
16th: 11am, 1pm, 4pm
17th: 11am, 1pm, 4pm
18th: 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm

Free admission

(suggestions for prints are deposited at our stall inbetween printing times and we shall choose a selection for the menu. Printing lasts up to an hour).


The second Dalston Brain Trust event is imminent. This time you can come and see the Ladies of the Press leading us through their thoughts on Bizarreness. The Ladies, Ana Cavic and Renee O’Drobinak, compose print and publish bespoke zines at events with audience participation. And over a longer time period they publish ‘Cluster’, a magazine where each page is an exhibition venue. We love what they do and how they do it.

First up, we’ll be interviewing them via ping-pong (queston written on the ball will be discussed until out of play). Beyond that, anything could happen.

11th Oct
Towards a Theatre of the Bizarre
What if John Cage had watched Serbian music television?
Ladies of the Press (Ana Cavic and Renée O’Drobinak)

doors 7pm for 7.30 start
bring your own bottle

St. Barnabas Church
Shacklewell Row
London E8 2EA

Commissioned by St. Barnabas Dalston

Dalston Brain Trust: 27th Sept 2010

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On the 27th Sept I’ll be delivering the inaugural lecture of the Dalston Brain Trust, a lecture series hosted by the newly reopened St Barnabas Church, Dalston. It is entitled

A Method for Approaching Bamboo
How the world confronts the artist in the poetry of Basho and WG Sebald

The evening begins with a table-tennis interview (questions written on ping-pong balls are discussed until out of play). Then I’ll give the talk, and finally there is Q&A, with plenty of breaks inbetween. We were also invited to invite the other speakers in the series, so I’ll add them as they come along bi-weekly.

doors 7pm for 7.30 start
bring your own bottle
free entry

St. Barnabas Church
Shacklewell Row
London E8 2EA

Apple Cart Festival cancelled

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For those who hadn’t quite realised, the apple cart festival was cancelled due to problems they were having in the run-up. You should have recieved news of this from them if you bought tickets by now.

We’re not scheduled to be in the Victoria Park appendix to the Apple Cart either; more Chip Shop dates to come later in the year though!

The London Word Festival team have put up loads of wonderful pictures from that seminal evening of entertainment, Keep Printing and Carry On at STK. Darren Hayman, Jo Neary, and Murray Macaulay all in collaboration with the Henningham Family Press. And if that wasn’t enough, Universettee with guest mini-lecturers Sophie Mackay and David Barnes…