Performance Publishing

Public Mud Genus

Twinned with Private muds.

Public Mud (30cm x 21cm)

Before removing the mortar it seemed sensible to preserve the part that had been exposed to the elements. Conmplete with moss, this peeling made another interesting threshold redolent of the archway that ushers Karissa and Borak into the ordeal of Public Mud.

Fun Mud (30cm x 21cm) O

This interesting little formation had formed on the mortar line. It reminded me of something in tempura by Edward Wadsworth. The shape was built up with clay in the frog and an debossing taken with glued paper. The shape was filled with black paper and oil pastel.

Ashen Mud (21cm x 30cm)

Sweet Caporal Cigarettes, or something similar anyway, were used to make this watercolour pigment. The forms grew naturally on the mortar line.