Performance Publishing

Branched Mud Genus

Twinned with Mud moods.

Branched Mud

Karissa, Borak and the film crew become separated in Branched Mud. The tunnels are tight. I liked how the half-brick looked like a plan of parallel tunnels, and also a primitive threshold.

Soupy Mud (30cm x 21cm) O

This shape was uncovered with a jewellers’ eyeglass. The frog was filled with clay which, once dry, I could cut like lino to take an impression with some moist Branched Mud.

Midnight Mud (30cm x 21cm) O

While Karissa stumbles underground separated from her failed Wizard Borak, her friend Brisa is enjoying the magic of a new relationship with her Tinder date Clem. Midnight Mud is the coming together of two paths over coffee grinds.