Performance Publishing

Mud MIND Genus

Or Noble Muds. Twinned with Resolute muds.

mud MIND (detail)

Mud MIND is based on a concrete poem by Chris. We took an impression using PVA to strip the surface of the brick’s side. The plan was to cut the middle for the ‘air’ part to be visible, but the sculpture had other ideas. I built up a cocoon on the reverse instead to peer into. The sealed words are printed on a discarded Baked Beans label.

Mud Apocalypse (30cm x 21cm) O

Durer homage based upon a structure found using the jewellers’ eyeglass. A print surface was built using clay and cut when dry.

Slippery Mud (30cm x 21cm)

Mud, perhaps in its purest form. The starting place for Borak and Karissa’s search for a bubble of air.