Performance Publishing

MUD Mound Genus

Twinned with Grave muds.

MUD mound

MUD Mound began as a concrete poem by Chris, so we built the rest of the genus on the phonics: ‘ou’ and ‘nd’ creating two lesser muds: Rich Mud and Dead Mud. There is a lot of found text littering Chris’ novel. This genus was an opportunity to use newsprint and other discarded print.

Rich Mud (21cm x 30cm) O

Rich Mud (ou) is painted with a Cu/Zn suspension on Japanese paper. The frame is printed with wet mound mud.

Dead Mud (21cm x 30cm) 

Dead Mud (nd) follows Rich Mud. If a mound has been looted or the soil has been too long suspended above the surrounding fields, its nutrients being washed away, it becomes Dead Mud.

Here the dead sound ‘nd’ has been reproduced using mound mud on an instructional leaflet from IKEA containing several living languages derived from the dead language: Latin. To be properly considered alive, a language must be featured in such leaflets, just as Latin would have been when it was vulgar.