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Private Mud Genus

Twinned with Public muds.

Private Mud (detail)

I knew there was a frog hidden in the half-brick. But before excavating it, it seemed sensible to record in white clay the mortar that had been hidden from view since a Victorian brickie laid it. It transpired there were two layers of mortar. Like Karissa and Borak, this wall was evidently from an accident black spot.

Black Mud (30cm x 21cm) O

These tiny tendril shapes had been left by the suction of the mortar as it was tapped into place. Weaving and rolling worms of clay in the frog made a printing surface that could be used with Black Mud.

Crumbly Mud (30cm x 21cm) O

This seam of Crumbly Mud is an enlarged version of a crease hidden in the mortar. It is embedded in Japanese paper made from wool.