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Departures Board: is my book ready?

January 18th, 2022 | Posted by David in Uncategorized

We’ve lost 6 months of regular studio time, since March 2020, to long-Covid-19, home-schooling and Brexit disruption. We are delighted that we have been able to ensure no projects have been cancelled, but there are significant delays. You can check below for the status of your book.

The Blackbird (paperback) complete
Mr. Beethoven (paperback) complete
Mr. Beethoven (artists’ book) complete
The Tomb Guardians (paperback) complete
Pupa (paperback) complete
The Lost Spell (paperback) Complete
The Blackbird (artists’ book) Complete
The Goddess Lens (paperback) July 2022
Dedalus (artists’ book) Aug 2022
The Tomb Guardians (artists’ book) Sept 2022
Pupa (artists’ book) Oct 2022
The Lost Spell (artists’ book) Nov 2022
The Goddess Lens (artists’ book) Dec 2022
Now Legwarmers (artists’ book) Dec 2022

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