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60 Lovers To Make And Do by Sophie Herxheimer

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The short, funny poems of Sixty Lovers To Make And Do by Sophie Herxheimer gradually reveal an occasionally dark, even macabre meditation on love and loneliness. A litany of characters collage everyday objects to make companions for themselves, focusing their loneliness, frustration and passions upon their creations.

The book, moving through Spring to Summer, Autumn and Winter will evoke simultaneously the seasons of a year and a lifetime. Its glorious illustrations will suggest an urban Book of Hours where the objects of private devotion are assemblages of things, disturbing their surroundings:


She spirited a suitor from incense, nail clippings,
and some ceramic tiles.
She kept him in a coffin to start with~
but he was so quiet and respectful
that she invited him home to live with her.
Her parents never knew about him,
well they do now.

Expected July 2019
Notch-bound Paperback
188mm x 130mm