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New release: An Edition of 18 ScreenPrints

March 11th, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized

Working on the lining paper that will hold the Parideza edition together I created a screen I really loved and did an edition of 18 prints from it. They are of two images, and come in black and a kind of clay green I mixed, also loved, and have now sadly used up. The two images are 1) ‘self portrait standing on an urban fox’, and 2) ‘Charles Darwin standing on a South American fox’. One print costs £25, arrange purchase through: 

foxes0004.jpg   foxes0003.jpg

State whether you want me or Darwin and if you want us in green or black. Both prints have a story. In Leipzig in Bach’s church we saw a lot of medieval sculptures standing on animals. Recently my Grandad’s death had given the foxes living opposite us on the roof of a shopping centre a new meaning; they were like souls waiting to be resurrected. Elusive as the dead. Charles Darwin records creeping up on a dim-witted fox and killing it with his geological hammer. The specimen is now in the Royal College of Surgeons.


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