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One of the hardest questions to answer about sculpture is where to put it. I’ve been asked to take part in this club night in Bethnal Green as part of a round in the Working Men’s Art Quiz, so I can see if a quiz is a good place to put a sculpture. This will be the first time I show these two new small sculptures in one of my top-cabinets. Maybe you can help determine what they are. Also on the bill, music from the Mixed Up Insects, and sculpture from James Capper.


7th November 2006, Doors 7pm, £5 on door

Rational Rec season 2, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, 44 Pollard Row, London, E2 6NB. This thing is funded by the arts council.

Firstfruits a big success!

October 19th, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

We had a wonderful time at the firstfruits event. Everyone put in lots of effort to their stalls, and it was a very interesting, faintly anarchic atmosphere. It was very good to be able to show our work to fellow congregation members and people wandering around Hoxton on Sunday afternoon. Thank you for hanging out at our stall.


Here you can see ping loading the ‘bread safe’ with three loaves she made, the bottom one was used for communion. It was a well received loaf. The safe hasn’t been used for ages, originally a bread collection point for local spinsters. Then there is us on our stall, copies of dinocerata having been added to the bread safe. Lastly, our Kerry giving a 15min piano lesson. I also demonstrated an animal I have made that is animated by my breath. Can’t wait until next year!

yes we’ve finally swapped places, and it’s now my turn to try and master the arts. I’m MA-ing at Queen Mary, moving on from History of Art to English Literature. I’m not sure what is more a shock to the system, the change of subject or just simply being a student again (I’ve read more books in the last 3 weeks than I did the last 6 months!) but just for a moment in a seminar today, as we struggled with the differences between Modernism and Modernity I looked out the window and saw bushy-beared sea captain rising up on his barge in the lock, and then some ramblers on a walk, and felt overwhlemingly content. It feels good to know that all around me everyone is doing more or less what they want to do, including me for a change! I’m still a bit of a moaner, much to the misery of some dear unfortunates, but i really must sear today’s sunniness in my memory, and make a conscious effort not to look this gift horse in the mouth this month. It’s not a bad horse really. Actually, it’s quite a good horse.

I’ve put off childish things

October 12th, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

I found a part-time job. I’m working for a television production company, digitising tapes. I start at 6.30pm and finish at 2am. It is a very interesting job. I get to see the entirety of tapes, not just the brief clips that make it onto the television. Last night I saw a ship engine the size of a semi-detached house being lifted into a ship. I’ve never seen an engine with stairs on it before. I don’t tend to watch television, I don’t like it much, but the raw stuff is fantastic. I like mine pure. The job gives me a lot of time in the day. I’m actually finding it quite hard to organise myself, especially social stuff. I’ve also entered an altered mental state. I’ve been in school for many years, in constant change; I’ll be doing what I’m doing now for the next ten years, probably. I’ve entered a kind of calmness.

I am also very pleased with myself, yesterday I threw away a sculpture I hadn’t quite finished yet, but I’d already spent a lot of time and money on it. I decided it was off the mark, a waste of time. Those critical faculties are strong. I feel happy.

Firstfruits Event Coming Up!

October 6th, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Janice Harding, an artist we know at Gracechurch came up with a really good idea; to hold a Harvest Festival at church that tries to take us away from randomly giving tins of food to the elderly (or any other people that own a tin opener) and back to expressing gratitude to God for what we recieve here in Shoreditch. So we will be having stalls where we can show people the fruits of our labour. At the Henningham Family Press the fruits are books and art!


So we will have a stall with our books to date on display, and people can ask us about future plans. I will also be showing people an animal I made (two showings on the day). There will be a range of stalls, including guitar lessons, paint spinning, cakes, philosophy… Janice’s events are usually expertly done, so do come along. There will be a thanksgiving service afterwards, and a collection for a charity we support that helps prostitutes. So come along from 2-5pm at St Leonards Church on Shoreditch High Street on Sun 15th October.

My closest dead relative

October 2nd, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

I have a contact in an anthropology department with an impressive collection of Hominid skulls. I spent the morning making two small plasticine skulls for reference. I discovered it is quite hard to go from three-dee to two-dee and back again and not lose crucial curves. So these small examples will become plaster and then I will refer to them to make bigger versions. I’m trying to get an exactness in some skulls, but in others work on this process of rebuilding from fragments of a thing that was never whole. Today I realised something peculiar about skulls; they look like helmets, they act like helmets, but they are under your skin.

eBooks, we welcome you!

September 29th, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

I read in the newspaper that there will soon be a sony eBook that holds tens of thousands of books, and it boasts a screen that does not flicker and strain the eyes. People often imagine that the eBook is intimidating for printers like ourselves, but they are not, they actually go further to help us realise what is satisfying about a real book. Also they take the burden of mass communication off of us bookbinders. Wouldn’t it be great if Dan Brown’s books were only passed on as mp3-like files, leaving paper for that immanent encounter with literature at its best? Bestsellers may no longer be mistaken for books! Hardcore instead of hardback. But that doesn’t seem entirely satisfying to me, as an argument. It prompts an interesting question, how can we be critical about books without just being snobbish? And the other big question for the eBestseller: how will they do those obligatory big bobbly gold letters for the authors name if they have flat screens?  

Things are slotting into place

September 27th, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Well I got a job editing TV tapes, which is a huge weight off my mind, but I suspect there is a latent background level of tension still there that will only finally lift when the house is finalised. I am reading a book by Zizek where he hammers Western Buddhism as a way of making people excellent consumers. And you can work people really really hard if they have meditation that allows them to live at breaking point all the time. He has similar things to say about the military applications of zen. Maybe Bush and Blair are Buddhists!

The electrician has been to my workshops and the van that was in there is now gone! So we’re getting there. I’m having to put in various temporary measures to get our next books on the way, but I can’t wait any longer. We’ve got three ready to print! It is going to be all action for a while. I guess this is what it is like to start your own business. I’m convinced you can do it with just a screen and a flat surface. As Ed and Wedgie keep saying, ‘keep it simple’. I just won a photocopier in Surrey on ebay for £20. I think that’s reasonably simple.

It strikes me that Dalston, our home, is getting upmarket pretty fast, it is definitely changing. I just hope they don’t do it as badly as they did it in Hoxton. There will be a public fountain nearby that is a rip-off of the one in Somerset House. They should make a giant one of those cheesy waterfall things you get in Turkish shops, that would be more in keeping with the area. 

Oh my life has become an ugly thing. I’m in the doldrums. The studios not being finished is wearying, my solo show in Westminster has been postponed four months due to refurbishment, our house purchase has become a burden to the point that we don’t even care for the house anymore, and I need a part-time job and it is hard to find one.

So anybody who knows of a job going, in all seriousness, put me forward please.

I am looking for pretty much anything. I like working outside, I have experience as a builder and would perhaps like to work in an office. I have experience working with children too.

I guess I feel like there are lots of good things to come in my life, but they always seem a long way off and I need something complete! How long (O Lord) can some things drag on? It is like the horizon, always the same distance away.

Ferreted Away

September 5th, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

I’ve been mostly filling skips recently. We’ve done two and my mum’s garden looks no different really, because so much stuff was ferreted away by my Dad. Bricks and tiles were removed (all day) to make way for the electrician who is wiring up our studio. Dad buried them, stacked them etc. (war child). Make do and mend!

The good news is that I am making three sculptures at the moment, two of them with the mythical wood Lignum Aloes.