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We placed a listing in Aesthetica Magazine announcing our project An Unknown Soldier. If you saw us there – welcome to our website!


You can find everything about the whole project here.

We currently have two new superb screenprints underway, which are as yet unlisted, this time also using our foil debossing press on some of the details.

We have a gig to announce, happening in just two weeks time!

Henningham Family Press have teamed up again with the golden voiced Jon Bilbrough (Wilderthorn), to compose a collaborative piece of art and music. We will be playing from an oversized book; a bestiary depicting twelve animals in pigment and melody. For inspiration we plucked twelve animal related titles from Sir Thomas Browne’s 1646 book ‘Pseudodoxia Epidemica’, chapters such as “That the Ostridge digesteth Iron.” and “That a Badger hath the Legs of one side shorter than of the other.”

Jon Bilbrough playing with us at STK during LWF 2010

At Kahalia Cafe twelve indie players will perform this instrumental animal arrangement that loops like the DNA sheet music of our biosphere. This piece accompanies an exhibition of scrolls, screenprints and drawings that celebrate the publishing of the paperback and limited edition versions of our book “The Erroneous Disposition of the People” (James Wilkes, Julie Rafalski, Eddie Farrell, David Henningham & David Barnes). These five authors plunder Browne’s fascinating catalogue of extinct opinions. They lampoon our tendency to exchange fact for factoid; our insatiable appetite for facts that fuels an entire entertainment industry.

Date: Thursday 6th June 2013
Doors: 7.30
Entry: £3
Venue: Kahalia, 135 Brick Lane, E1 6SB
Exhibition continues for one month at Kahalia and is free.

We do hope you can join us for this evening of music/art/lampooning/fun!

Just to whet your appetites, here’s a YouTube clip from our last collaboration with Jon Bilbrough…


We were invited to host this radio show at our studio, produced and edited by Jon Bilbrough of band Wilderthorn.

WE DO RADIO #3 (Wilderthorn Radio) by Wilderthorn on Mixcloud

We were given the impossible task of selecting four tracks for your listening pleasure, selecting in the end:

Luke Temple – Medicine
Half-handed Cloud – Pressing Into It
Danielson – Hammers Sitting Still
Jake Thackray – The Hair of the Widow of Bridlington

Liz Janes’ ‘Go Between’ was edited out, but we recommend it to you here now!

note: During the show we advertise a show we will be doing on Brick Lane, but this has been postponed due to ill health, probably for a couple of months. We’ll let you know more later.



An Unknown Soldier and other recent acquisitions will be on show at the Saison Poetry Library as part of their 4th annual Open Day Poetic Censorship

11am – 6pm

Poetry Library
Level 5
Royal Festival Hall
London SE1 8XX

Interview In Progress

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The Saison Poetry Library on Level 5 of the Royal Festival Hall is “the most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry from 1912 in Britain.” It is the nation’s poetry collection. So we are thrilled that they have acquired pretty much everything we have made with poetry.

For their recently developed fine print collection you will find ‘Royal Poster, (left aligned)’

In the special book collection you will find:
‘Preparatory Oratory’, a large screenprinted pamphlet; the first part of ‘An Unknown Soldier’
‘Funeral, March’, an A6 pamphlet; the final part of ‘An Unknown Soldier’
‘Void’, a pamphlet made for the London Word Festival and our King James Bible Bash

For reference and loan you will find:
‘An Unknown Soldier’, the paperback edition
‘The Erroneous Disposition of the People’, a collaborative book based on the Table of Contents of Sir Thomas Browne’s Pseudodoxia Epidemica.

‘Humans Invent’ Interview HFP

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Humans Invent are the latest to interview us in our studio. Recently journos have started declining the offer of cup of tea. Is it tighter deadlines or a side-effect of the Leveson enquiry? “Is it true that you accepted a cup of tea from an interviewee?!” Well you can enjoy this glowing Humans Invent article here without fear of a hot-beverage related conflict of interests…

Sounds of Making‘ by Dominic Wilcox is a vinyl record of artisans and artists at work in the East End. He was commissioned by CREATE to make this memento of the East End during the changes happening in preparation for the Olympics. Although perhaps it is the encroaching digital dimension, or even rising labour costs, that gives this project its impetus.

On the record you’ll hear us foil debossing the covers of out latest book, and there are pictures on Dominic’s website here. There is also a lovely little line drawing of us on the cover.

Copyright 2012 Dominic Wilcox

We made two deluxe Solander Boxes for two key projects that the Poetry Library are exhibiting with Simon Armitage’s Poetry Parnassus in the next few weeks in the Poetry Library. We worked closely with risk-enamoured Head Librarian Chris McCabe and logophile curator Nick Dubois on boxes that will archive hundreds of poems:

‘Polip Poems‘ came out of the Polip Literature festival in Prishtina and is currently on show in the Library.

‘The World Record’ sees hundreds of Parnassus poets from around the world writing their poem on paper  made from fibres gathered from around the globe.

Furthermore, we brought one of our travelling screens to print Au in situ on the luxury writing desk that will be autographed by every visiting poet from around the world who is taking part in the Parnassus.

A stripped down Chip Shop  session took place in Random Row Bookshop in Charlottesville VA last week.  What a great reception we had from the good people of Virginia! Every seat was taken as we did a quick presentation about our work before requesting words to be printed. The Virginians chose ‘y’all’ and ‘Kudzu’, giving the event a Southern feel. And just like with potato chips, ‘chipboard’ in the USA is a totally different substance. We were hoping it would be… Thank you Charlottesville, New City Arts, Piedmont and Virginia Arts of the Book Center!