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‘Nonconformist’ – Released today!

March 27th, 2006 | Posted by David in Uncategorized

At a basic level this book is about orthodoxy and nonconformity. At a much more basic level it is a collection of 19 silkscreen prints bound japanese style with a paper cover, (16cmx21cm). There are short texts in a slightly liturgical style.

The prints are developments of wall drawings I did in a room at the Slade school in an intensive one week project. In retrospect I treated the room as a chapel, and the occupation of the room as a 16th century style land-seizure, except when I took over the room, nobody came to dispossess me, and I wasn’t struck down.

This is an edition of 13. Each copy costs £30. To buy it write to and we can arrange things by paypal or cheque or COD if you know me. Postage costs £1 in the UK, and £2 internationally.

noncon0003.jpg    noncon0007.jpg    noncon0004.jpg    Lion-Lamb

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