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Universettee Lecture on Basho and Sebald: 15th Mar 2011

March 9th, 2011 | Posted by David in Live Shows

A Method for Approaching Bamboo

How the world confronts the artist in the poetry of Basho and WG Sebald

What is nature and how long can it last? What happens when artists try to examine the world they are a part of? What happened when two poets born exactly 400 years apart passed each other on the road? What is a coin-operated buddha-during-enlightenment?

Date: Tuesday 15.3.2011

Venue: Bethnal Green

Time: 7.30 food. 8pm lecture

Speaker: David Henningham

RSVP to book a space. (Address provided on booking)

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  • Ephraim Schwartz says:

    There is a reference in Sebald’s “The Emigrants” to his Uncle Adelwarth when living in Kyoto and hearing the cry of the hototogisu. Do you think Sebald was alluding to Basho’s haiku which roughly translated is,
    “I am in Kyoto
    hearing the cry of the hototogisu–
    I yearn for Kyoto”

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